Rural Health Training Centre, Hosabyrohally


The department of Community Medicine runs the Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC) since 1983.The RHTC is situated in Hosabyrohally about 18 KMs from KIMS college, Banashankari.

The RHTC has an Out Patient Department (OPD) which functions every day. The OPD caters to the health care needs of the population in the RHTC field practice area. This has facilities for patient examination and basic laboratory investigations. The diagnosis and treatment of patients including distribution of drugs is free.


RHTC has beds for Ante Natal Care for mothers and facility for conducting normal delivery. There are facilities for performing minor surgical procedures. The RHTC has a cold chain system consisting of ILR, Deep Freezer and vaccine carriers.

The RHTC has a well equipped AV aids training hall with white board, Over Head Projector, TV, VCR, LCD projector & computer along with a printer and power supply back up by UPS. This is used extensively for undergraduate, Interns and post graduate training.

Staffs, Post Graduate & Interns are posted by rotation in the RHTC. The RHTC runs a mess. Staff, post graduates and Interns use the mess daily. On an average there are 6 interns posted at one time. The RHTC has hostel facilities for postgraduates and interns.

Dr.Anwith H S, Assistant Professor is the medical officer in charge of RHTC,Hosabyrohally. He is assisted by a Lady Medical Officer and other support staff as recommended by MCI.

The RHTC also has liasion with three other Primary Health Centers namely, PHC Kengeri, PHC K. Gollahally and PHC Sullikere and works in close coordination with them in day to day functioning, implementation of all the national programmes, etc. They also work in CHC, Kengeri .

PHC, K Gollahally-PGs, Interns & field Staff

Health examination-Physically Challenged school

There is an existing two-way referral system of patients from the RHTC to KIMS hospital including follow up of patients.



Activities of RHTC


  • General out-patient services daily at RHTC & basic laboratory services.
  • Specialty Services :                                                                                                               
    — ENT & Dental
    — Skin & Venereal Diseases
    — Geriatrics & Psychiatry
    — Pediatrics
    — OBG
    — Ophthalmology
  • Training of undergraduate students, Interns & Post Graduate students by demonstration, hands on training and use of AV aids.



Undergraduate training programme:

Family study, RHTC, PHC, Sub Centre & Anganwadi visits.



Interns training programme:

OPD, Inpatient care ,School health checkup, Immunization, MCH & FP, Family & EC survey at villages, Anganwadi visit, Implementation of National Health Programmes, Health education talks, Project work etc.



Postgraduate training programme :

Family study, OPD,MCH & FP , School health checkup, survey at villages. Sub Centre OPD clinics, Anganwadi visit, Implementation of National health programmes, Training using AV aids to undergraduate students, Interns & health care providers. Project work and Dissertation, etc.

PG Programm – Family study


PHC, Medical Officer, Kengeri, Post Graduate and Interns – H1N1 Awareness rally

Post Graduate & Interns – Health checkup

Post Graduate – Old age home visit

PGs, Health staff school children – ACF awareness rally